NO U TURN For This Truck Driver Today!!! The Greatest Mystery Is HOW THE HELL DID HE GOT STUCK!!!

When it comes to traffic update it should be the one that is happening in the moment, but this dumb trucker and there are more like him in the world, are jamming the traffic for a whole day. The rookie truck driver managed to jam the traffic from one reason only, because he doesn’t know how to drive a truck on turns. He just knows how to drive it straight and that is it. He got himself in a situation with no U turn to do. As the man who is taking the video says, this is a newbie and he just got his license from the DMV and now he took the truck to make some money, but not all are made for truck drivers. We all know that but we don’t know if this particular driver knows it.

There was a turn, it was not a U turn, it is an almost U turn and here he got the truck stuck in the middle. He tried to take the half U turn from the first try but there was a line pole on the corner and now it is stuck, in the middle, under an angle and all the traffic is jammed too. As the other drivers are getting nervous the truck driver is getting nervous too. He drives the truck back and forwards in order to straighten up the trailer but no luck, or no knowledge there.

He is going back with no turning of the front wheels and then he goes forward not turning again. That is not the recipe of getting out a stuck truck with a trailer and look out for the traffic update. For sure after his boss sees this footage he will take his job for good in the company, because it is making it look bad even with the goods still in the truck. The worst thing to do is to leave a bad image of the company that you are working for.


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