One Hell of a Scary Video: This is How a Car Crash Looks Like in Real Life!

What we have is one really scary video, shot with a dash camera from the car that is most directly involved in the crash, so all of you who were fortunate enough by now, not to have such a horrible experience (I’m also one of those), this shocking video would be a good lesson and reason to keep up with the good job you are doing, driving your car safely.

I guess you also won’t be surprised a lot when I tell you that the video is coming from Russia. I guess by now, all of us got used on watching all kinds of crazy stuff coming from Russia, but this one is not just crazy, but truly terrifying because it is so real.

The guy is driving his car on a two lane busy road and he is trying to overtake the truck before him, when another one is coming from the opposite direction and that is when things start to become messy and dodgy. Fortunately things did not end up fatally, but yet…


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