OPEN SLALOM DRIFT IN SPAIN: The Spanish Must Be Enjoying Every Moment Of This Amazing Drift Show!

Go Pro guys, that’s it, cars in couple, disciplined in row done their job! Each of them like little kids which are holding for their hands by the order from the teacher were sliding on the turns gently and elegantly! Really professional drifts!

And the Go Pro video equipment caught the most amazing moments on the drifts, how they counter-steer the car in the turns beautifully recorded in slow motion, not excluding even a tiny fragment of the second, yeah if you are planning to learn about drifting then the video is the perfect one for you!

And the cars, what to tell about them, tuned beast to the teeth which can roar badly, Nissan 240SX and everything is said, also old school BMW 3 series which is perfect match with the rear wheel drive, no need to tell more about cars.

The white smoke which was product of the torture of the tires just accented the drifts, added more excitement and adrenaline. Honestly it is awesome for watching not to mention the fact to be present there, real eyegasm and eargasm!

Play the video bellow and enjoy the drifts!


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