Ryan McQueen Created A Jet Car “Ferrari Enzo” With TWO JET ENGINES From Rolls-Royce! This Is The TRUE DEFINITION OF INSANITY!

Placing a jet engine to a car is not something new nowadays. In spite of being around for more than half a century, a jet car is still something that has the full capacity to amaze us all. The name “Insanity” seems superfluous to describe the elusive inspiration of the Canadian Ryan McQueen who sold his Chevrolet Corvette to buy jet engines from Rolls-Royce. To construct the Insanity this Canadian spent about $ 70,000 and 12 years of work…or perhaps madness…

Ferrari Enzo Inspired Jet Car rear three quartersFerrari Enzo Inspired Jet Car front three quarters view

Until the model LaFerrari, Ferrari Enzo was the most exotic and most brutal serial model that could be purchased from the Italian manufacturer. Of course, in order to become its owner, not only that you have to have a sizable amount in your bank account, but also at least one Ferrari already in your possession.

But there are other ways to have your “own” Enzo…if not the real one, at least more or less faithful to the original! Canadian Ryan McQueen is one of those who have decided to “do it yourself”.

Specifically, this Enzo, who took the name of “Insanity”, in which McQueen spent about 90,000 Canadian dollars, does not run on a conventional combustion unit, but, wait for it, two Rolls-Royce jet engines that were once used for combat aircraft, and in full “gas”, and for two minutes it consumed 400 liters of kerosene!

The total mass of the “car” is 1,723 pounds, and thanks to the great thrust released by the aforementioned jet engines, the maximum speed, of course, under strictly controlled conditions, such as the airport runway, is about 650 km / h!

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