SIMPLE AND UNUSUAL METHOD That Will Keep Your Car Safe Any Time And Anywhere!

We all have seen how Mr.Bean locks his car, with a lock and a key. Well this is something similar, this guy in the video is from Russia and he found a theft-proof method of locking his car, with a chain strapped to a side walk steel pole.

Yes it might seem a bit too radical but just think for a second, why this guy locks his Hyundai crossover like that. First thing that comes to everyone’s mind is that he is a bit odd and strange (crazy) Russian guy but don’t be fooled, I think that this guy had his car stolen one too many times so he is taking the final processes to make his car theft-proof. Something else besides that might be the reason, that his door lock doesn’t work and we all know that in Russia you just can’t leave your car unlocked, not even for a second.

At the end all of these are just guesses, so the truth is still unknown but the video is fun to watch because the guy who filmed it is just hilarious. Enjoy!


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