Thank You Switzer Performance For This Nissan GT-R Tuning With Over 1000 hp And The Quarter Mile Passed in 9 seconds!!!

2012-Nissan-GTR-USE-by Switzer-Perfomance-Tuning-1000-HP-side view

In particular, the acceleration to 100 km/h is within 2 seconds, and the maximum speed of 322 km/h the vehicle reaches in a distance less than a mile away. But perhaps the most impressive is the passage of the quarter mile from a standing start – in no more than 9 seconds.

The finalization of the car has affected all of the systems on the car, but most of all it had to work on the engine and the transmission. By the way, the GT-R USE has completely new transmission. Also the suspension settings are changed, the ride height is lowered and there are new alloy wheels were set from the Switzer Signature series.

Most of the technical details concerning the package are not given in the report of the developer, but it emphasizes the point that the Nissan GT-R USE remains open access to public roads, making it one of the most powerful and fastest Nissan productions.

2012-Nissan-GTR-USE-by Switzer-Perfomance-Tuning-1000-HP-rear left view

Also the value of the Ultimate Street Edition pack for Nissan GT-R is declared. In the United States it will be 88,990 dollars. This amount is comparable to the one for a standard 2013 Nissan GT-R.


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