The Baddest Smart Car In The World! That’s A SMART MOVE! Petrolhead Converted A Nippy Smart Car Into A Full-Force OFF ROAD Vehicle!!!

Who hasn’t reviewed the Smart car just to see what MPG has and how fast it can go? Almost anybody that wants to save on gas and to park the car wherever he wants it too as this is one of the smallest cars in the world. There are four and two seat versions of the car and the engines are both the same, the 700cc petrol engine that is not too strong but it has incredible MPG measurements.

Now driving the Smart car will never be the same again after these modifications that has been done on it by its owner. There is an all-wheel drive that will make sure all the wheels are getting power from the engine and that this car will never be stuck in some mud again. Nobody before has been thinking about making this small car into an all-terrain vehicle and this builder is up and done it. No more excuses about how it cannot be done, just watch and learn of everything that has been worked up or replaced on the car.

Making this Smart car an all-terrain vehicle is not an easy job at all. First the axles need replacing as originally the car comes with front wheel drive only. After making it a 4WD vehicle there are modifications on the wheels too. These large wheels will not fit on the wheel heads and some welding cutting and hole making will be involved here. The exhaust has been replaced too now it is on the back bumper sticking out and it can be all seen from the side. Now the four wheels of the car have grip on them and going in the dirt roads will be the easiest job for the car that looks almost like an ATV vehicle but a little bigger.


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