The Charger For The New Tesla Supercar Is Real Car Pornography! :) LOL Find Out Why!

After the video for the new Tesla car has gone viral on the internet there is a new video that also went viral few days after and it is also connected with Tesla’s new car.

I have already done a review of Tesla car and I have said that whoever said that electric cars can’t be any good for races, was a fool. After we have enjoyed the video of the Tesla car we have this new video for an interesting robot charger for the new Tesla car. It is very interesting how this charger works because its basically like a robot that automatically, on its own knows where to find the cars charger plug, and on its own it knows how to move. The official video of this new Tesla charger was released from the Tesla Motors Company and after few days they took it back and they added a nice music to it and they leaked it back again.

Everyone got excited about this new invention and about this new Tesla car, so I suggest you take a look at this video below and if you still haven’t seen the new Tesla car I suggest you do that right after you are done watching this. Enjoy!


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