THE FASTEST ROAD LEGAL Audi S3 Tuned By 0-400 In Greece!!! I`m Going To Catch You Veyron… YOU GET 5 SECONDS… ;)

It has been some time since I have seen something like this. This is a very impressive Audi S3 that is able to do a massive speed in very short time. Over the years we have seen some crazy cars but I think that this is one of the best I have seen so far, if not the best then at least it is the fastest one I have seen.

We have information that this guy is from Greece and his name is Takis. He is a very famous tuner and mechanic in Greece and we can see that from his amazing blue Audi S3. This is his personal  Audi S3 3.2 with 1300+ Horsepower, 8.5s for 276kmh, and that makes it the fastest street legal VAG in the whole world and the 2nd fastest Overall, behind another S3 which is also from Greece.

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