The INNOVATION OF THE CENTURY – Jaguar 360 Windscreen Will Save MILLIONS of Lives in the 1st Year Alone!

Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC has launched a research project in order to develop technologies which will put an to the famous blind spots of the car, giving drivers a 360° view from the outside of the vehicle, without the interference of the columns supporting the roof.

The new system provides an installation of screens on the surface of each of the columns of the vehicles in order to allow the transmission of live pictures from outside, which would be projected onto these columns.

And it does not stop there. When the virtual windshield is connected on the Internet, the car would have access to the entire road infrastructure, opening the possibility of the windshield Virtual Urban 360 which exhibits information such as the price of the petrol at the nearest gas station, to the number of places at the parking lot available in a shopping center.

Another technology that is being developed by this company is the system of “Ghost Car-Navigation Follow Me,” which projects the image of the vehicle in front of the driver of the car for him to take the most appropriate route.

See the video demonstration of these new technologies:


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