THESE SUPERBIKE DRIFTERS ARE BEHAVING CRAZY On The Mistral Kart Race Track In Montelimar, France!

The drifting is a special category in the racing world and there is a reason why. Drifting takes driving to a whole other level and it is hard as hell and not too many riders can drift with their cars or bikes. Drifting with a car is hard but it is safer because you are inside the cabin and you are protected by the metal bars around you.

But drifting with the bike is very dangerous because once you lose control over the bike, you are gone. And you are going with high speeds as well. By drifting you can go as fast as 80 miles per hour and there is smoke as well coming from the tires of the bike. For your pleasure only we found this amazing video with superbike drifting from the first round at the Superbike Drift 2015 event in Montélimar, France.

These guys throw too much money for buying tires and gas for the bikes but the big cost is the gas. They spend too much gas on the drift track because you cannot drift the bike at low throttle. You will ride the bike in lower gear and at high throttle.

That way you will have too much power coming on the rear wheel and it will be easier for you to drift it. Check the video here:


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