TWIN TURBO CORVETTE C5 Proline With Fueltech’s FT500 EFI System Is A Testament To What It Takes To WIN! YOU MIGHT WANT TO COVER YOUR EARS!!!

Lights Out 7 has brought great builds and mean machines to life and this is one of them, the Twin Turbo Corvette C5 Proline featuring the small block engine under the hood. Many people wanted to see this amazing car in action and now the time has come for it. Lined up at the starting line it will do some burnout before the actual race, the best ritual of them all and also helping those tires to have the best grip on the racing asphalt beneath. The mass awaits for the launch and it will be amazing as it sounds too.

The people around the Chevy Corvette Proline need to cover their ears in order to keep their hearing, this small block is making so much good noise that it is hurtful for the eardrums. But don’t cover them all up, you still need to be able to hear it because no other small block is giving out sound like this one. We haven’t heard such an angry machine for a long time, when idle it seems like it is going to eat somebody up.

It has the Fueltech sticker on the rear bumper so we know that the fuel injectors are going to do their job and inject all that race fuel in the engine. There is no car with the Fueltech FT500 EFI system that has gone wrong, maybe that’s why they are the most famous when it comes to the racing fuel gear.

This is one fast race that we all want to last a little bit longer. The launch is so great because all that power has come to the wheels and the whole car just went crazy for speed. Great launch and great results at the end from the Chevy Corvette Pro Line featuring the small block.


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