Are you an entertainer? The one who is always chasing the fun and enjoys playing with his kids, but your finances are not allowing you to buy them the latest toys which are expensive but can provide extra fun. Don’t be desperate and awake your genius spirit in you, and you can do miracles with their existing toys or you can build up new ones.

Hereinafter we will give you a guide how to build a go kart for your kids using simple supplies which you already have in your garage. You will only need a little free time and enthusiasm and maybe you can build a better one and more improved go kart then this one in the video bellow.

From the supplies side you will need a spare lumber, bolts, tires, drill motor and some other things from around the house and the manufacturing process can begin!

Maybe you have doubts in the drill’s power but you will be surprised when you will watch the video, yeah, how powerful this tiny beast can be. Also if you want you can double the power and use “twin turbos” and create a little speed machine!

Watch the video bellow and see how it’s made! After you’ve watched imagine installing a huge drill motor on the go kart!


4 thoughts on “UNLEASH The Power of DYI GO-KART With Drill Motor! AWESOME STUFF HERE!

  1. tony

    Look at the house and area where they live. You would think his parent would be able to afford a real kart not build a Micky Mouse boxcart

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Personally, I don’t really think whether the father is able or not to afford a real kart. I admire him for his creativeness and skills. It’s a nice project 🙂

      1. Pablo Perez

        I agree, he probably build it together with him, that kid is going to value the time they spend together building that rather than using money to buy last model kart.

        1. Mac ( Post author )

          Well said Pablo. You’re completely right.

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