UNREAL! 10 Second Chevy Corvettes C7! LMR Represents Two Of Their Fantastic Corvettes !!!

The C7 Corvette from Late Model Racecraft produces outstanding engine power of 990 hp and torque of 924 lb-ft with the help of an LMR 416 ci block engine equipped also CNC cylinder heads from LMR and a custom grind camshaft. Getting a 15-psi boost of the Vortech YSi supercharger, the engine pushes up to 1121 hp making the car sound loud as hell.

10 Second Chevy Corvettes C7

Here is one fantastic video featuring two of the LMR’s Corvettes C7 shot in Houston. OMG, these are some really amazing sounds! Corvettes are some of the best sounding V8 engine cars ever made in the world and also they look just as good as they sound too. And of course, their performance is nothing short of at least world class. The launch control and traction management systems on these C7 Corvettes is set up so well, that they make an epic startup sound.

LMR’s engineers definitely know theirjob quite well. I am glad to see them blessing the C7 crowd with their expertise. What do you guys think?


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