THE STREET RACE OF THE DECADE: Watch How McLaren P1 and Modified Nissan GTR Are Fighting Against Each Other!

Every race lover likes to see a good race. But, I think that every man alive wants to see McLaren P1 racing a modified Nissan GTR R35.

Both cars have great abilities. The McLaren P1 is a limited car and it has twin-turbo 3.8l V8 plus McLaren Electric ECU engine. The car’s transmission is 7-speed dual clutch and it has electric range of 10 km (6.2mi). Besides the car’s great abilities McLaren looks incredible, If I had to choose between McLarenP1 and Nissan GTR I would take the McLaren P1 because the car is astonishing. But in a race, the GTR is much more effective and also it is much cheaper than the P1. Looking into the GTR’s capabilities you will know right away that it is one kind of Japanese made monster. Considering that it’s a mass produced car, it’s a real punch in the stomach to the supercar industry where they take pride in the fact that every component is original and hand crafted. In the race the McLaren P1 was clearly smoked. However the video shows us that the guy in the P1 was not trying much, but still even if he did the McLaren P1 cannot race with the Japanese monster.

This supercar has a killing performance for a fraction of the price. Enjoy the video!


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