Welding Tutorial: Learn To Weld With Pair Of Batteries And Jumper Cables In Less Than 6 Minutes!

We all know that for this operation are required special equipment and experienced welding specialist because it is not an easy job to be done by anyone! But thanks to the great minds around who are willing to share and teach us on everything they knew we can become amateur welders and weld our own stuff!

And that’s not all! Yeah, you don’t need to buy or own that expensive equipment for welding and you can execute remote welding operation! But you’ve might ask yourself how that is possible? It is possible and all you need to have in right next you is pair of batteries, jumper cables, wire and welding helmet and you can start welding. Yeah, it’s not as easy as it sounds, but if you pay attention at the video filmed by YouTube user Sewerzuk and stay observant of the process and listen the explanation, after 6 minutes you can became a Remote Welder.

After you learn this interesting skill you can weld your own stuff on the parking lot, yeah, you can borrow just the battery from someone there if you have only one, or you can help your friends. From here it’s up to you how you want to use this knowledge.

Now play the video bellow and start learning.


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