Who Can Resist Drifting On Snow Behind News Reporters? Watch This Lucky News Reporter Almost Getting Hit By A Drift Car!

Imagine you are reporter trying to do your best in the middle of the snow storm Juno, when suddenly unexpected from behind driver is trying to drive as “straight” as possible.

This happened when NBC news reporter tried to report from New York last night but she left speechless from the good old Nissan 240SX.

If the Nissan 240SX is in stock edition then the performance are not so impressive, 2.4-liter I4 engine with 155hp @ 5600 rpm and 160lb-ft of torque, double overhead cam and four valves per cylinder, but for snow drift it’s more than enough and the sound of the engine is not bad at all also.

You can film on your own, we made a little research on the internet and the price range for this car is form $4k to $5k. So let it spin.

We gotta admit it’s a damn good car for drifts and they should recorded more but obviously they were too scared.


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