WILD 9-SEC 13B Rotary Turbo Mazda RX-4 Sedan IS Mean And Mighty As A HELLISH Chainsaw!

Yeah baby, naive looking Mazda RX-4 sedan with four doors but mean and mighty as a chainsaw! And who said that drag racing is only driving in one line? This car can’t be held in one straight line, it has too much power.

The Mazda RX-4 is originally powered by Wankel rotary engine, tiny beast with 1.3-liter displacement and output of 125hp, and the question that follows is how this Mazda can be mean? But wait until the end and watch the video and everything would be clear.

The rotary engines are not ordinary engines, they have the reputation of small and powerful and they are popular among the kit car builders, hot rod builders and light aircraft because of its small size and light-weight.  And one important thing we can’t avoid here, also of the big tuning potential!

Now let’s return to our Mazda RX-4 on the video, what makes it mean? Yeah besides the 13B rotary engine this one is upgraded; turbocharged with T66 Gareth turbocharger @20psi and MicroTech-EFI fuel system and the power is delivered by manual 5-speed RX-7 gearbox.

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