World Rallycross Challenge On Ice With The BEST! Rally Champion Sebastian Loeb Continues His MASTERY OF EVERYTHING MOTORSPORTS!!!

Taking the bet on the World Rallycross challenging track covered on snow was the career changing point for Sebastian Loeb. He is going to make this run on the snow with his car and all he has to do is to drive well and to hope for the best. If those winter type tires are not the best match for the snow then he is doomed to fail the challenge.

On the World Rallycross there were racers that quit the race even before it started so taking the challenge and going on the start point was a great deal too. Handling that car on the asphalt is one thing and getting it slide on the ice and snow on this special made track is another. On the asphalt there is great grip on the tires and the engine has no problem with the heat. But now the cold is a little bit of a problem and that is another thing that the driver has to worry about.

Getting warm that engine under the hood is most important because he cannot take it to race without preheating it and preparing it for the upcoming race. The Peugeot that Sebastian Loeb is driving is having no problems on the snow so far and as we know the Peugeot engines are reliable in all seasons of the year. This is one more proof that these cars can be driven and raced anywhere with no matter of the weather conditions. Just add gas in the tank and you are set.

Even though drifting is not hard on the snow, on this World Rallycross challenge the track doesn’t have good corners for drifting and the drivers are obligated to drift on the straight lane. That’s why it is even more difficult to handle the vehicles and keep them drifting.


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