FROM RALLY TRACKS TO WILD DRIFTING MOMENTS – Ford Racing Is Here To Present You The Art Of Speed In Slow Motion And All Those Gorgeous Details!

It’s amazing when objects moving at high speed can be captured by high-speed cameras and reveal details of the movements which the human eye might not appreciate. Certainly such images in slow motion are enjoyed even more when a racecar is captured in the moment. It seems a bit like a paradox that fast things look even more beautiful when they are ‘slow’.

To delight our sight a little with this type of shots, Ford Racing has made a compilation of their competition vehicles among which are the Ford Fiesta ST and the Mustang RTR. It is amazing how these cars are driven to the maximum in different types of soil while being frozen in time with these mesmerizing shots.

Well, without further ado we present you below this clip titled Art of Motorsport: Beauty is in the Details. We recommend you supersize the video and turn off the lights in your office or bedroom to enjoy these 72 seconds full of delightful aesthetics and beauty.


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