A MEAN STREET TUG-BATTLE! Watch How This G-Wagen is Giving a PULLING-LESSON to This Tuned Toyota Supra!

As you know it well and have seen it many times by now, there are many interesting videos that are coming from Russia, and today we have added another one in our ‘Russian collection’! Only this time it is not one of those moments when we are witnessing insane and irresponsible Russian drivers doing crazy and dangerous things, but a tug-battle between one modified Toyota Supra and a regular, stock G-Wagen.

We do not know the reason and the challenge these guys took for this pulling battle, but actually, it really does not matter, because the lesson that the driver of this van has given to the Supra’s driver is really cool.

The stage is set and the tug battle is beginning, and we are seeing the poor Toyota Supra does its best, the guy is stepping hard on the full throttle, whilst the G-Wagen is calmly pulling it as if it is a joke, or a child’s game. The driver of the Supra is getting out at one moment to see if there is something wrong with the cable or something else, then gives it a second try, but the result is absolutely the same!

Check out this funny video and enjoy it. And if you are interested to find out more about the new Toyota Supra model, click here.


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