This Is What A 1600bhp Of Turbo Supra FROM HELL Does On A Drag Strip! If You Like Supras, SEE THIS!

This Turbo Supra is unbelievably INSANE! This is one of those Toyota Supras that make people say HOLY COW! Right when this turbocharged Japanese monster steps on the start line and the launch control is turned on, hell is unleashed with fatal consequences!

Let’s take a good look at this baby. It has that authentic Supra style in it which we all love and appreciate so much. The Supra doesn’t come with a crazy body kit nor there is anything ricer about it. What you get here is just a huge tire and some sultry wheels. And of course there is the good old 2JZ engine…. ahhh don’t just love the sweet 2JZ?  We can state with absolute certainty that this is another case of a modded Supra which the devil himself would definitely be proud of.

The video you are about to see may date from December, 2011, but we feel the great urge to share it with you friends. You really need to prepare yourself for the Turbo Supra that takes off like it is on a mission to go back to the future. While a standard Turbo Toyota Supra with 320hp made back in the 1990s can accelerate from 0-62 mph in around 4.6 seconds, this heavily tuned drag monster’s 1600bhp and 9.0sec 1/4 mile run would make even a Bugatti Veyron look like a shopping cart.

You can see some fierce Fire balls start coming from the exhaust pipes as we wait anxiously for the show to begin. Then the Supra takes off like a missile, ripping the front wheels off the asphalt and the rest of the action is a blur. This is a Supra folks, and now you have no choice but to love them with all your heart.

We are still left without words of so much power released!


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