Urban City Boy: 2015 Mini Countryman Park Lane Attracting People At Geneva Motor Show 2015!

At the Geneva Motor Show 2015 BMW’s division Mini introduced this agile city car, the limited edition Countryman Park Lane. The 2015 Countryman is ready to hit the “crowded streets” in every city. And to be honest, it is an eye-catching beauty that visually stands out from the regular Countryman thanks to colored outlook (Earl Grey & Oak Red).

And what about the big notable red S on the front grill that adds accent to the urban-aggressive new look. Honestly the look is lifted and suits the new MINI excellent but the engine remains the same, 121 hp output from the four-cylinder and 181 hp output from the turbo four-cylinder engine.

But for small car like this it’s ok, it’s enough to make the famous Italian Job car ride with bullet speed across the streets in London. And we can expect the first modes to hit the roads across the nation on July 2015.

Watch the video that we managed to recorded and notice the emblems Park Lane on the doors and also the additional third row seat familiar for all the Countryman members. We hope that we bring to you the best picks from Geneva Motor Show 2015.


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