PICK YOUR FAVORITE: 2016 Ferrari V12 FF, F12 Berlinetta, 488 GTB, California T at 2015 Miami Motor Show!!!

At the Miami Motor Show 2015, among other 2016 cars, we saw the perfect models made by Ferrari sitting next to each other.

They are the all new Ferrari V12 FF, F12 Berlinetta, the 488 GTB and the California T models. We didn’t know where to look first, but one is for sure, all are magnificent bad to the bones supercars which would be nice addition to our collection.

When Ferrari makes a car, then we know that it is fast and reliable, and here we have four of them, fast reliable sports cars that will hit the market in 2016, we think that they will be a big hit. It is better that the presentation cars are with different colors, because if all of them were red, we wouldn’t notice the differences between their bodies.

The Ferrari FF 2016 model has the sharpest edges on the body of them all, making the car look meaner than the others. The California T model made by Ferrari has the new style headlights, which are prolonged on the top, and look more pleasant now, while the others are smaller and bold looking.


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