AMAZING SCALED RC Jet Plane Powered By A Jetcat P160 SE Is CUTTING THE AIR Like Razor Blade!

When it comes to the ultimate speed and acceleration then the jet engines are the kings! Yeah, nothing comes near them, unbelievable torque, enormous power and amazing pure jet sound!

But nowadays the traditional jet engines can be found in various other machines not just in the jet planes, like custom speed-bullet cars, custom motorbikes and literally everywhere where it is demanded high speed and instant acceleration!

And all these applications are logical, yeah, adrenaline addicts who want to improve the capabilities of their vehicles and that is all fine. But imagine installing a jet turbine in a scaled airplane? Is that possible? Is the scaled jet plane strong enough to carry the enormous turbine?

Of course it’s not, but there is a company which produces small turbines, JetCat, unbelievably strong! And now it all makes sense. On this scaled jet plane is fitted one of these turbines, the JetCat P160 which weighs only 4.4lbs and owns a thrust of 36lbs @ 125,000rpm. The rpm range varies from 32,000 to 125,000rpm, the exhaust temperature hits amazing 750 Celsius degrees, consumes 17oz Jet A1 kerosene per minute and 5% synthetic turbine oil for the perfect juice. So, now you know what to expect from this scaled jet plane.

Enjoy the video bellow!


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