BIG CHIEF Runs EPIC 3.99 @ 190MPH In The Crowmod! Doing BIG THINGS At No Mercy 7 Radial Race In Cecil, Georgia!

Guys the Big Chief is back again and this time he’s doing BIG THINGS at the No Mercy 7 Radial race in the city of Cecil, Georgia!  This dude passed the eight mile under 4 seconds with his new drag racing weapon labeled CrowMod on the drag strip at South Georgia Motorsports Park!

Such “Street Cars” at events like this usually delivering 2,000-4,000hp will usually only run the quarter eighth mile, so running anything under the 5-second range means the driver definitely has some godlike driving skills. If someone can drop the run into the sub 4-second range, then he’s on another level and now my friends the Big Chief is also a member of that proud club. He took his nasty CrowMod in Cecil did a 3.99 @ 190mph run which is even more incredible when you hear the fact that the car was running on radial tires!

The Chief has been working with persistence to dial in his new CrowMod dragster which made a name of itself the epic crash in the original Pontiac GTO Judge with steel body. He nicknamed this car the Crow and he’s been driving this wicked GTO since he was 16 years old. Well, the Chief’s new car is basically a ProMod car built out of lightweight materials which make it more than 1,000lbs lighter than before. On the other hand, the CrowMod still uses the old twin-turbocharged Pontiac engine borrowed from the previous car.

There were even some rumors going around in the drag racing community that his result at the South Georgia Motorsports Park is a new Pontiac World Record but such talks have yet to be confirmed.

The No Mercy 7 event went all weekend and there were some of the best and saddest cars in the world participating at the event, so the Big Chief’s CrowMod definitely has its work cut out just for it. But if the Big Chief continues to do runs in the low 4-sec range, the changes are that there would be very few cars left able to compete with that. Good for you Chief!


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