Even With Broken Heart, THE TOYOTA SUPRA WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN! After Furious Race She Barely Survives!

Yeah ladies and gentlemen, she is a warrior, until the last drop of sweat, until her heart is pumping she will fight with the same tempo for hours. Exactly that happened with this Single Turbo Toyota Supra. She was on the ultimate mission, to race against a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R on the highway!

Honestly she made it, she didn’t quit and with broken heart managed to come back home. She didn’t disappoint her owner and that manners are for respect! She was under high throttle pressure, @8,500rpm she managed to reach 199mph and show the motorcycle who she is!

But too much pressure, she started well with amazing engine up-lifting sound and insane acceleration but after a while some strange noise raised from the engine and it was getting only stronger and stronger, her heart was injured but the 1997 Toyota Supra returned back home!

Play the video bellow and see the amazing highway battle and how the engine blew. After that the owner removed the engine from the chassis to find out what was broken… Enjoy the video!


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