WE CALL THIS SMOKING HOT DRIFTING: Fire Crew Chase Down A 1,000 HP Hyundai Genesis Coupe BURSTING INTO FLAMES!!!

What would you do if your expensive drift car caught on fire? Well if you saw the fire, maybe you would try to put it out, but Ken Block didn’t see the fire and he kept on driving it. While drifting on the drift track, the driver got overwhelmed with the drift that he made and he tried to make another one, when suddenly the rear end of the car started burning.

From the viewing area we could see the fire clearly, but because the driver is inside the Hyundai Genesis, he couldn’t see it and he kept on driving. After few seconds the fire department on the race track turned on their rotation lights to signal the driver to stop the car. He didn’t even see these lights too, he kept on going and the firefighters chased him down the track. After he god himself out of the car, then they arrived and put out the fire. As the team explained, the cause of the fire was the overfilled cells with fuel, so they got themselves on fire, ruining the entire engine of the car, and the back of it.


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