FWD Sliding Has NEVER BEEN SIMPLER With The Installation Of Easy Drift Tire Covers!!!

If by now you had doubts that drifting a front-wheel-drive car was at all possible, you might want to think twice on this matter, since we have here a very neat invention that will enable you to slide around with the best of FWD drift!

Thanks to the tire wrap coming from France which is known as “Easy Drift,” all of us can get into the drift action since the installation of these slippery covers install takes only a few minutes! Bellow we have a great installation video that will show everything you need to know and do.

EASYDRIFT is a new concept which, thanks to highly technological packages, is capable to reproduce the conditions of low grip, such as driving on ice!

Installing EASYDRIFT tire cover is actually a very simple procedure. In just 5 minutes your tire cover is mounted on the tire. It is advisable to use a Tire Vacuum system to create a vacuum in the tire. This way insertion of the tire wrap will be facilitated.

Maybe this interesting technique could work well with an all-wheel-drive car, as well! What is your opinion on this addition to your car? This reminds us of when people took the trays from the local fast food place back in the day and did a bit of tray drifting.


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