IS THIS THE FUTURE OF CAR INDUSTRY? Guy Builds A W56 Toyota Transmission With 3D Printing In Just 48 Hours!

A couple of years ago no one knew what a 3D printer is or if even they had any idea what that is no one predicted that in a short period of time it will be able to print complex things, like engines and transmissions.

In this video we can witness the product of a 3D printer who was able to print a W56 Toyota transmission that is connected to his 22RE engine which was also made with the help of 3D printing. And behind all this is just another guy who has a thing for engines, who had a 3D printer and some free time on his hands. So he was able to code the printer to produce this transmission in just 48 hours, let me just say that that it’s impressive, and congratulations to this guy! In the video we can see the fully functional engine connected to the transmission, running and changing gears like a real life car.

It is just amazing to see how far 3D printing has gone, if things improve with this speed I’m sure that in a couple of years we will see mass car manufacturers printing real life cars.


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