Joel Grannas Racing’s MIGHTY TOYOTA SUPRA 1500 HP+ Is CRAZY FAST On The Drag Strip!

This Toyota Supra is going crazy. We bet you have never seen a Toyota going this fast. The builders of this car are proud to be the ones who built it and made it possible.

This particular Toyota Supra has a massive engine which at full throttle generates 1500 horsepower. It seems unbelievable but it is there. Under the hood this engine is fitted together with a turbocharger which enables the engine to go for over 10.000 rotations per minute.

When on track, this car is handling perfectly without any difficulties when at high speeds. And it goes really fast. This Toyota Supra built by Joel Grannas Racing is measured on the track running an 8.32 seconds quarter mile at 186.5 miles per hour. Now you know, it is super fast muscle car. Through the exhaust you can see fire going outside. This is because the engine creates too much heat from burning the gasoline and the car uses the flame to burn the other racers behind it. The big radiator fitted next to the engine cools it down and does not allow the engine to be overheated.

To be the driver of this pumped Toyota Supra you will need stability and strong hands to hold the steering wheel and the 6 speed manual transmission which works perfectly.

To see this car in action watch this video below:


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