OMG – WANT THIS BADLY! The World’s Most Luxurious and Most Expensive House on Wheels!


The company “Marchi Mobile” offers custom of three types of “Elemment” houses-cars: “Palazzo” -- for travel and leisure, “VIP shuttle” -- for business trips and “Visione” -- for traveling exhibitions. The Palazzo, according to the developers themselves, was intended for oil sheiks. The design of each of the mobile homes will be fitted to the individual preferences and taste of the client. But the required elements suggest luxury materials and finishes, hardwood floors, panoramic roof over the entire length, reclining with height-adjustable and retractable mechanism on the top floor, allowing more interior space while parking the mobile mansion as much as 80%...CLICK BELOW ON NEXT PAGE..WATCH THE FULL PHOTO GALLERY and ALL THE INFO..


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