OMG – WANT THIS BADLY! The World’s Most Luxurious and Most Expensive House on Wheels!

marchimobile-elemment-front view

The Austrian company made ​​this masterpiece on wheels, stuffed with luxury and modern technology.

In Marchi Mobile said it was a misunderstanding, neither more nor less than a perfect masterpiece, a new class in the premium segment of vehicles, an extraordinary luxury mobile housing for wealthy families or touring global superstars. A new word, a new era -- in short, if there is something you can blame the creators that is certainly not modesty.

marchi_mobile_elemment_palazzo_side view

The designers who worked on this concept used and took into account not only the most modern advances in the automotive industry, but also features in air, auto and yachting sports. The mansion on wheels has a ladder like a business jet, the exhaust system of a sports car and an open area as the roof of a motor yacht...CLICK BELOW ON NEXT PAGE..WATCH THE FULL PHOTO GALLERY and ALL THE INFO..


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