DEMONIC DRAG CAR ? Monster 1,500 BHP Nissan GT-R Does 6 sec. 1/4 Mile With EASE!

If there ever was a car with a serious straight line potential, than this 1 500 HP Godzilla is the one!

Simply, we can not find any better words for this modified Godzilla Motorsport that has turned into this Nissan drag demon! Under the hood, there is still the original VR38 3.8 liter twin turbo V6 engine, but with some serious enhancements that makes it generate about 1,500 HP, but on the other hand, there is not much of the original chassis left, plus the entire body structure has been remolded from fiberglass material.

However, on this video you can see the Nissan GTR R35 Factory Extreme in a drag race against a Supra dubbed “the fastest 2JZ powered car on the planet.” Both of these monsters have reached a quarter mile under 6 seconds and with that, they have broke down the world record!

Check out the video!


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