Reaching The Speed Of 230 MPH On A Suzuki Hayabusa With Vmax Turbocharger Is Just Utterly INSANE AND TERRIFYING!!!

The Suzuki Hayabusa has been around for a long time, it has been produced since 1999 until now, and every model is better than the last one.

The bike riders like this motorcycle because coming from the factory it can reach from 188 to 194 miles per hour, and if some customization has been done on it, the speed can increase for quite a lot. This owner of the Hayabusa decided that his bike needs a turbocharger in order to be faster than it already is, and he installed the Vmax turbo charger, so now he is breaking records with it.

We know how dangerous and cool it is to drive at 230 miles per hour with a car, and going at 230 miles per hour with a motorcycle is just suicidal. Now he proved that he is a brave driver and the he has some skills that other riders wish to have.

Until the bike reaches around 100 miles per hour the bike is going only on the rear wheel, nice balance from the rider here. But when the front wheel touches the surface, the bike hits it off and reaches the maximum speed.


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