How Manual Transmission Works – EXTRA SIMPLE and POWERFUL TUTORIAL – Beautiful Video!

The transmission is the gearbox, which is part from the engine which rules the power and the torque. Since the appeal of the cars in the 19th century the gearbox is serving the cars with loyalty. The first cars were coming with manual transmission gearbox which today is still of the most popular transmission models.

Many of us actually don’t know how really the manual gearbox is functioning, so do we! Thanks to this beautiful explanation brought to us by YouTube channel Learn Engineering many things for us are clearer, we hope for you too.

Literally the gearbox is ruling the power of the engine, if you want to deliver more speed than the transmission reduces the torque, if you need more powerful torque, perhaps you need to climb a hill then you downgrade the gears, which means higher torque less speed. That’s how they are related.

Manual transmission works on the principle of gear ratio, N1/N2 = T1/T2 where T is number of teeth and N is speed. The simple transmission work was complex and noisy to shift from one gear to another, which you will see it in the video, but that problem is solved with the constant mesh transmission.

But we’ll let you watch the video because we don’t want to confuse you with more text, yeah, it needs to be seen. Enjoy the video.


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    Well thanks a lot D.K. We are very glad you find this article useful. Greetings friend! 🙂

  2. Martin

    This is a very good description. The only thing I’ve been wondering for a while is about cars where the transmission is not directly below the shifter, like on front-wheel drive when the transmission is beside the engine at the front and some cables link the shifter to the transmission, how do these cables work it’s not clear.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      We appreciate your support Martin. Unfortunately we can’t help you with your question. If you find any information about that, please share it with us. Cheers!

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