Stolen ’67 Mustang Returned To Its Original Owner AFTER ALMOST 30 YEARS! Proof That Miracles CAN HAPPEN!

We have all heard the saying, either from a friend, or from some TV commercial, that during this season of holidays, anything is possible and everything can happen. Of course, no one should take those words literally, but it does not mean that it is complete non sense also. Yet, there are many of us who do not think of it in that way, looking at it as sort of urban legend, created by the big corporations, so that we can buy their product. But here is one proof that miracles sometimes can happen, and that not everything is just a tale for small children.

Almost 30 years ago, in Salinas, California, Lynda Alsip’s 1967 Ford Mustang was stolen. It was a car that she bought when she was 17, and it is needless to say that it is a perfect car for every teenager (with a good taste in cars), so I think that we can all imagine her big disappointment. During all these nearly three decades, police could not find the stolen ’67 Mustang, so by now, Lynda had completely given up on it.

But the claim and the well known cliché that ‘nothing is impossible’ proved to be true again. After all these many years, California Highway Patrol somehow managed to find this stolen beauty, only about 30 miles from the home of Lynda. So I think that you can imagine the surprise when she saw her very own 1967 Ford Mustang, being brought back to her.

Now, the car is not in a perfect condition (she certainly couldn’t go out and drag race it, or show it to a Car Expo), but given into a skilful hand, this thing will be ready to rock n’ roll once again in no time. Miracles can really happen!

Now check out the video that we have prepared for you, and see what kind of a Mustang we are talking about.


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