THIS 1600HP Nissan GT-R Alpha Is The Fastest On The Caddo Mill’s Airfield – 8.11@176 mph !!!

Ever since the Nissan GT-R was released to the world, it made a big change in the car industry. First of all this is maybe one of the best performing cars that you can own for a pretty good price, it is not as expensive as a Bugatti but it can truly go head to head with one.

But today we are not here to compare the GT-R to a Bugatti, today we are here at the Caddo Mill’s Airfield, the home of the Texas Invitational Roll Race Competitions with Mike Colby and AMS Performance. Today Mike took delivery of his brand new Alpha 16 GT-R, and he was generous enough to test it on the Caddo Mill’s Airfield, just to see how fast this beast can go. In the video we can see a few attempts and let me just say I was shocked by the performance that this car showed and the stats were just amazing.

If you are interested to see how this Alpha GT-R performs you should watch this video, and also you will see what kind of record was broken that day.


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