2015 Geneva Motor Show In 150+ VIDEOS – ULTIMATE GUIDE to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING IMPORTANT On The Show! !

We were impatiently waiting for the 85th Geneva International Motor Show which takes place from 5 to 15th of March 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland. We took the right to say that this is the most eminent auto show in the world dating from 1905! Yeah, since 1905, the saloon had hosted most of the major and some of the non-existing models in the automobile history. Impressive 110 years of existence.

The 2015 Geneva Motor Show is expected to be the biggest show until now covering all the previous years of the eminent Swiss event! And what that means? Simply it means more exciting concept cars beginning form the finest luxury cars ending with the mightiest performance super cars.

Around 220 exhibitors from 30 countries will show the best of their cars. More than 900 will be exposed on the show, only 100 of them had the official debut but 800 will make their debut exactly there, on the Geneva Motor Show 2015 and started their history of existence.

Geneva Motor Show 2015 -- one of the largest auto shows in the world is running with full action. The first major European motor show always becomes a platform for the most notable prime years, and this year is no exception: in Geneva are brought about fifty new products.

The automotive market in the Old World -- one of the most intensive in the world, and the demand for cars here lately is only growing. According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), in 2014 in Europe were sold more than 12.5 million new cars -- 5.7% more than in 2013. In some countries, the growth has reached the level of 20-30%.

However, sales growth is still down, so it is possible that at the end of 2015 surge in sales will change the fall.

The organizers of the prestigious Automotive Forum expect at least 700 thousand guests. Visitors who, in their own words, will occupy virtually every meter of the exhibition space.

Unlike past editions when hybrid models were in the focus, the exhibition in Switzerland brings back the golden era in the automotive industry. The beauties on four wheels with spectacular futuristic concepts and luxury developments are just part of the mix represented in Geneva.

Let’s begin! 🙂

2015 Koenigsegg Agera RS

2015-Koenigsegg-Agera-RS-05----2015-Geneva-Motor-Show - side three quarters

Super, Hyper, ultra … If we continue the series, in the automotive world it will end in Koenigsegg. Once again this company has amazed us with its well-known Agera RS.

2015 Koenigsegg Regera

With the hybrid concept Regera, the Swedish workshop Koenigsegg has surpassed itself and all others.

The Swedish specialist shattered all records representing the staggering hybrid sports car with output of 1,500 horsepower.

-- Lamborghini
-- Ford
-- Dodge
-- Koenigsegg
-- Chevrolet Corvette
-- Chevrolet Camaro
-- Morgan
-- Bentley
-- McLaren
-- Cadillac
-- Jaguar
-- NanoFlowcell
-- Land Rover Flying Huntsman
-- Sbarro
-- Lazareth
-- Giugiaro
-- Audi
-- Mercedes
-- BMW
-- Volkswagen
-- Porsche
-- Mistubishi
-- Rolls-Royce
-- Mini
-- Lotus
-- Aston Martin
-- Range Rover
-- Vauxhall
-- Tesla
-- Pininfarina
-- Alfa Romeo
-- Maserati
-- Citroen
-- Bugatti
-- Peugeot
-- Opel
-- Torq By ED Design
-- Mazda
-- Subaru
-- Nissan
-- Infiniti
-- Lexus
-- Honda
-- Hyundai
-- Kia



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