Watch This SPECTACULAR and TERRIFYING Crash at 2015 Dakar Rally! Up in The Air & Hardcore Slam Dunk!

Today we are going to show you a video clip with a horrifying crash from this year’s Dakar Rally, from the moments when El Martillo Racing’s driver Matt Campbell, along with his co-driver Luis “Fito” Ramirez, suffered a real bad crash, which left their vehicle in a completely irreparable state. The accident happened at a place where there is suppose to be a routine shallow water crossing, but it turns out to be devastating for them, and their 356-Hammer Racing Car. Just another proof that it is the world’s most dangerous competition (click here if you want to find out more about it).

The accident happened due to Campbell’s bad judgment call, thinking that the river crossing should not be so tough, so he stepped hard on the gas pedal and ran towards the obstacle with more than 100 mph. What happened next was nose plunging into the 5+ feet deep water, which catapulted him and his car high into the air, followed by a hard slam and many flips. It was a horrible crash and the machine got completely smashed in pieces. Luckily, the drivers managed to get out of it before it finally exploded.

The whole thing was recorded by Bolivian spectator, who was filming the guys in Mercedes SUV, who suffered very similarly crash, only a few minutes ago, and only a few yards away. So, as you will see it, the crash and the damage could have been even more horrible and devastating.

We have seen many spectacular crashes, by all kinds of vehicles, regular cars, monster trucks and others, but this one is quite something, believe me. Just watch the video and see what I’m talking about.


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