FASTEST IN THE WORLD!!!! 5.46 Seconds @272mph!!! MINDBLOWING Q80 Team Camaro Sets A New Record On The 1/4 Mile

Nowadays there are a lot of conspiracy theories that aliens are inhibiting the planet Earth. Yeah maybe it sounds impossible but what you are going to see now will change your mind completely and change the way you are thinking!

We are strongly convinced to believe like that because not that they are only inhibiting the planet Earth but they are bringing their own mighty engines from their mother planet and sets crazy records on the drag races!

And it is written on the video the fastest door car? What? Is this a regular door car? Just look that “thing” on the front what is that? Enormously huge turbos ready to suck whole oxygen on the drag track even stole the competitor’s oxygen and left him without breath!

This drag monster Q80 Camaro is unbelievable, it set new world quarter mile record, 5.46 seconds at amazing speed of 272mph! This epic moment occurred last year in August, in St. Louis, during the Street Car Super Nationals at Gateway Motorsports Park. Yeah, these are the numbers that will convince you that the planet Earth is getting colonized by monsters!

The man who drove the car is Turky Al Zafiri. This hell of a drag car was tuned by Jose Gonzales and Steve Petty, having under the hood a twin turbo Pro Line Racing Engine.


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