How About Some BMW Drifting – THIS GUY IS IN A FURY!

How About Some BMW Drifting – This Guy Is In a Fury!

Even though here in the Unites States, it is not the first choice for drifting, BMW is obviously one of the top cars for European drift-drivers. We are coming to this conclusion because there are many drift video clips that are from Europe – whether it is from Germany, or Poland, or some other country – in which different BMW models are in the main role. And it should not be a surprise, because for the Europeans, BMW is something like the Chevy models (Challenger, Charger, Ford…) for the Americans, and that is why we have many ‘BMW in action’ videos. Plus, I think it is completely unnecessary to stress the fact that it really is a cool vehicle.

So here we go with a fine drift-video that is coming from Poland, with one appealing BMW, drifting in a secluded parking lot, in typical wet winter conditions (it is actually happening during the official first winter day). I cannot tell be a hundred percent sure (and there is no data about it), but it definitely looks like it is a model of the popular drift car from the BMW 3-series. According to some statistics, BMW’s 3-series models are outnumbering the Japanese popular drift cars like the Nissan 240Sx, or the Skyline R33, and R34 (in Europe, of course).

So go ahead, check out the video and tell us what you think about it in our comment section below. And if you want to find out something more about the most popular drift-cars, check out this link.


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