Rolling Coal is Illegal!!! A Tutorial Video What NOT To Do!

Well here is something that might save the air pollution, it is called State Senate bill 2418.

This has been just signed by the Governor Chris Christie and in it states that the traditional rolling coal is illegal in the state of New Jersey. For those who do not know what rolling coal is well it is practically when you see some diesel powered vehicle, usually a truck or a SUV spraying black smoke like a chimney. So the Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie saw this as a threat to his community and he decided to make it illegal, and you can get a first offense penalty that cost as much as $5.000. Also here is a video where you can watch what NOT to do if you really don’t want to get that fine of $5.000. It is a bit funny and ironic but remember this: you can get into big trouble for doing this.  So the guys in the video are driving a pickup truck and they had an idea to make a prank on a woman that was just passing by. I won’t get into the details, it is up to you to see what happens next.

So if you want to see this hilarious prank I suggest you watch the video. What do you think of this?


6 thoughts on “Rolling Coal is Illegal!!! A Tutorial Video What NOT To Do!

  1. David

    This is stupid. Obviously a pair of jackwads.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Yeah, pretty dumb indeed. These guys should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Mike

    I personally find this wrong but very hilarious, but then again unlike most people in this world where everyone cries over everything, I have a sense of humor, which is what this country has lost dearly. You got diesel soot on you? Cry me a river, there are other people in this world that are put through far worse and are expected to live with it. Also like to note that when I drive my diesel that rolls coal, when I pull a prank like this on people, I go back an offer them a beer or something to make me feel better and most usually laugh over it.

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      Well, it’s cool as long as it’s only a joke Mike. But these guys in the video were obviously rude with the woman.

  3. Ed

    Stupid asses! She was pretty, friendly, walking down street alone. They should have stopped and gave her a ride. Of course, maybe they just didn’t like pretty girls. hmmm

    1. Mac ( Post author )

      I agree Ed. They should learn what it means to be a real gentleman.

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