The 10 LEGENDARY MUSCLE CARS that Appeared in the Movies!

3). 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 aka Eleanor from “Gone in 60 seconds”, 2000

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If there ever was a muscle car from the movies that relived so many replicas and copies, than that is definitely Eleanor. As you probably know, Eleanor’s first big screen appearance was in the film“Gone in 60 seconds” from 1974 and it became a big hit, but the remake from 2 000 with Nick Cage and Angelina Jolie seems took the cherry from the cream. Overall there were 11 Eleanor units that were constructed for the purposes of the movie, but only three of them were actually cars in driving condition. Even though in the movie itself, Eleanor is Mustang Shelby GT 500, in the real life it was modified Mustang fastback. Transmission in the motion picture is also 4 speed manual, but in real life, for the movie purposes (meaning, for easier acting), it was actual automatic. Probably the most beautiful muscle car that ever appeared on the big screen..CLICK BELOW ON NEXT PAGE..READ ABOUT THE REST OF THE LEGENDARY MUSCLE CARS..


9 thoughts on “The 10 LEGENDARY MUSCLE CARS that Appeared in the Movies!

  1. Pritish Singh

    Nive collection,but you forgot Dominic Torreto’s 1970 Dodge Charger RT from Fast and Furious. It was a great hit.

    1. Sandro Boghossian

      I know. and what about the trans am from Smokey and the Bandit?

      1. admin

        I definitely agree Sandro!

  2. D.J. Blanchard

    Frankly I am disappointed in this list. There was no mention of the yellow 73 Mustang from the original “Gone in 60 Seconds”.

  3. What about the yellow 1969 Dodge Charger from Crazy Larry / Dirty Mary? Or the Camaro from Aloha Bobby and Rose? Sheese and you put in the Aston Martin from James Bond? “Come out of it, for crying out loud”.

  4. Matt

    The car from “Gone In 60 Seconds” 2000 is a very nice car, but the movie is full of CGI F/X’s. The original version of the movie from 1974 has a Mustang Mach 1 Fastback, again, a very nice car. This version doesn’t have great actors like Nicolas Cage, in fact the cast is a complete bunch of no-names filmed on a shoe string budget. The Directing isn’t that great either. What it does have is GREAT car chases, the main one being the climax of the movie lasting around 40 minutes! Also all the stunts are just that, stunts. No CGI, just the ability of the cars and the skill of the drivers. The acting isn’t to painful to watch, but the car chases are great. Give it a go.

  5. Juraj Kornhauser

    Come on, Aston Martin is not a muscle car, not even us car.

  6. Cody Delay

    You forgot the doge charger from dukes of hazzerd

  7. juanda

    The 70 Olds 442 in Demolition Man movie…

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