TOP 12 OFF CAR DESIGNS That Will Totally Blow Your Mind Off!!! This Is Why WITH NO CAR THERE IS NO FUN!

1. Delahaye 175S Saoutchik Roadster

By many car lovers, this car is considered to be the most wonderful authority’s car ever. Its configuration was the product of Jacques Saoutchik, an extraordinary skilled auto architect. The remarkable exterior of the car consolidated 1930s style bends with elaborate outline touches.

A special version of the 175 S was created for the actress Diana Dors. Called the Saoutchik Roadster, it had the body of an extremely aerodynamic car on which there were numerous chrome elements. It was equipped with a 4.5-liter engine, De Dion rear suspension, Dubbonet front suspension and Lockheed brakes. It was among the first cars to have installed radio and air conditioning on board.

Delahaye 175S Saoutchik Roadster side view


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