LATEST RUSSIAN COMBAT RIDE – Android Robot Called Avatar! Putin’s New Favorite Vehicle!

We are Having many chances to watch all kinds of crazy vehicles that are coming from Mother Russia, so we got used to seeing different stuff, products of Russian people creative thinking. Many times those examples are home-made vehicles, sort of an experiment, with no other purpose but to leave a shocking impact on those who are watching it. But this time it is something completely different.

It is a humanoid robot named Avatar, built and constructed for the Russian military, and of course, one of the first who got the chance to see it in action was the president of the Russian federation, Vladimir Putin. It really looks like something from an SF novel or a movie, but actually it is very much real.

In the following video that we have prepared in this article, you will see how Avatar is riding an ATV, fully dressed in an army uniform in order to perfectly fit in the profile. According to the reports of the journalists who were present there, Avatar is shooting targets with a great precision and success. Unfortunately, we do not have the information about its motor and other specs (yet), but in a near future, we will be able to tell you everything. This is only a preliminary presentation.

So check it out and later share your thoughts about it with us in the comment section below.

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