Top 10 CLASSIC CARS That Ever Roamed The Streets Of The U.S.! Doesn’t Get ANY BETTER THAN THIS!

Oldsmobile 442

Over a longer period of existence of General Motors, the Oldsmobile was the number one brand in the company. Oldsmobile was created by Ransom E. Olds in 1897. The Oldsmobile 442 was a kind of operational response to the release of the Pontiac GTO and made its appearance on the market of the present furor. The car’s name is a transcript of the available “muscle” worthy of the brand, namely: 4 carburetors, 4-speed manual transmission and 2 mufflers.

Originally this car was an option package for the F-85 models and Cutlass, sold in the US since 1964. It became a separate model from 1968 to 1971, and then returned as an option until the mid ‘70s. Oldsmobile revived the name in 1980 as an option for the Cutlass.

Oldsmobile 442 front three quarters

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