Top 10 CLASSIC CARS That Ever Roamed The Streets Of The U.S.! Doesn’t Get ANY BETTER THAN THIS!

Ford Torino

The name of the series was in honor of the city of Turin, which is considered “the Italian Detroit.” Originally it was a luxury modification of the Ford Fairlane, serialized from 1962 to 1970. After 1968, the Fairlane name was used for vehicles with lower levels of trim than Torino, which was considered at that time a Fairlane version. In 1971 the Fairlane name was abolished and all the cars were named Torino. This name was one of several originally proposed for the developed Ford Mustang. The Ford Torino, in fact, was a “twin” of the Mercury Montego.

Most Ford Torinos were conventional cars, the most popular version was a 4-door sedan and four-door hardtop. But Ford has released much more powerful versions with Cobra-Jet engines working with volume of 7.0 liters. These cars are classified as muscle cars. Torino cars are also used as training for NASCAR drivers and show a good result in the race.

Ford Torino rear three quarters

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