Top 10 CLASSIC CARS That Ever Roamed The Streets Of The U.S.! Doesn’t Get ANY BETTER THAN THIS!

Dodge Super Bee

Dodge Super Bee was a limited edition car in a class of muscle cars produced by the Dodge Company in the 1968-1971 year. The model appears again, though as an option for the Dodge Charger in 2006.

The first time the Super Bee was unveiled was at the Detroit Auto Show in 1968.

The original Super Bee was based on the Dodge Coronet. The name Super Bee comes from the Chrysler B-platform, on which were produced medium-sized cars, including Coronet, Roadrunner, Charger, etc.

This limited-production American muscle car was built to be brand’s low-priced muscle car to compete with the Plymouth Road Runner.  It has everything that a typical ’60s American muscle car would have: A broad front end, powerful engine and two-door coupe styling

Dodge Super Bee front three quarters

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